Free of charge webinar

Contract Drafting Under English and American Law
23 September 15:00
Free of charge webinar
Contract Drafting Under English and American Law
23 September 15:00

Formation Requirements and Interpreting Terms in UK and U.S contracts

LEXISNEXIS and Pericles collaboratively

Formation Requirements

1. Intent

  • MOUs & Domestic Arrangements

2. Consideration

3. Offer & Acceptance

  • Battle of the Forms
  • Timing of Offer & Acceptance

1. Reps, Warranties, Covenants, Conditions

2. Limitations of Liability & Unfair Terms

3. Concept of Good Faith

4. Efforts/endeavours clauses

The webinar to:
Heads of the Legal Department
Directors of the Legal Advisory Service
Lawyers specialized in U.K. law
Lawyers specialized in U.S. law
Lawyers specialized in mergers and acquisitions
Marian Dent
Professor, Dean Pericles center for International Legal Education
Marian Dent is the Dean of Pericles Center for International Legal Education, which runs an LLM program as well as legal skills programs for Russian practicing lawyers. Dean Dent teaches courses in legal writing, international business transactions, contract law and economic sanctions law. In addition to teaching law and directing the program, she also created Pericles’ texts on legal writing and legal English, helped develop materials for GMAT and TOEFL preparation, and occasionally teaches the logic section of the GMAT. Professor Dent obtained her Juris Doctor from the University of California, Berkeley (Boalt Hall) in 1988. After graduating Ms. Dent joined the Washington, D.C. law firm of Kirkpatrick and Lockhart, and worked there for four years in the fields of East-West and international trade, securities and general business law. She moved to Moscow in 1992 to direct the Moscow office of the American Bar Association, CEELI Project. After leaving CEELI, she taught legal writing, and intro to American Law, at the Russian Law Academy of the Russian Ministry of Justice from 1995-1998, and started the first Russian Jessup International Moot Court competition. She has also taught from time to time at Moscow University Touro, the American Institute of Business & Economics, and for ten years taught an introductory course in Russian Law for visiting students from the University of San Diego Law School. She was one of the founders of Pericles, and became Dean in 2002.
Gandolfo Iacono
General Director, LexisNexis Russia & Eastern Europe
Gandolfo Iacono is the CEO of LexisNexis Russia/CIS & Eastern Europe with 20 years international experience maturated in the USA, the Netherlands and Russia. After finishing his study in Italy and USA in International Trade started his career at LexisNexis till to became CEO. Mr. Gandolfo Iacono is writing articles in professional compliance and legal journals, he is a very welcomed speaker in many conferences in Russia and abroad. He has lately launched special webinars with partners for sharing experience of usage AI and Big Data- all information is presented in the official website. 
Mr. Gandolfo Iacono is interested in studying new information technologies applied to risk control procedures, he is interested in the latest developments in the fields of compliance, PR, patents and legal products. He actively applies his knowledge in the operational management of business processes.
Marat Almaganbetov
LexisNexis Business Development Director for Russia and Eastern Europe.
LexisNexis Business Development Director for Russia and Eastern Europe.
Marat works with legal and IP departments of many Russian and international companies, with universities and innovation’s centers. He has a great experience in the field of patent analytics and patent landscaping. Marat regularly consults many clients such as well-known legal firms, industrial and pharmaceutical companies, financial and banking segments about new IT data solutions in IP and legal. He is a constant speaker at Skolkovo IP Academy.
23 September 15:00
15:00 – 16:00
15:00 – 16:00
Contract Drafting in English: Comparing Features of English and American Law
Marian Dent, Professor, Dean of Pericles center for International Legal Education
16:00 – 16:30
16:00 – 16:30
Essential Tools for Efficient Legal Drafting
Gandolfo Iacono, General director, LexisNexis Russia & Eastern Europe
Essential Tools for Efficient Legal Drafting 
Marat Almaganbetov, LexisNexis Business Development Director for Russia and Eastern Europe

Work language: English

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Free of charge webinar
«Contract Drafting Under English and American Law»
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